Apparently I'm not allowed to steal your food, do you think you can give it instead?

  • Glut
  • Pig
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5'7 (170 cm) (In Normal Form)

Professional Status

Neutral Evil

  • Sin
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Gluttony, real name unknown is an _____ and the member of the 7 deadly sins gang. His main trait is Gluttony/Overeating. Having the powers to at least get all the food he wants and trick people into giving him such things.

Background Information. Edit

Personality. Edit

Gluttony is one of the more 'innocent' sins, who likes to adopt a cheeky and playful attitude when tricking his victims or the other sins. He views the cases as all of a big game, and his only main thought involves finding food at the end of it all.

Gluttony likes to act differently from Greed, as the two mainly get confused for one another, he tends to act like the more childish one of the two and loves annoying the other in that sense. Gluttony feels like he is the closest to Greed because of this and views that as the reason to annoy him even more. Usually disagreeing with him to the point of causing an actual fight.

Compared to the others, Gluttony loves being in the mortal world and tends to make the others believe he has cases to finish when he actually goes round to have food. He was once caught by Pride and the two intend to keep that a secret from the others because of the others Shopping sprees at the same time.

On the other hand, Gluttony can be very persuasive. Being one of the younger sins, he is able to know how to get away with things many other people wouldn't be able too. Especially with people such as the other sins. This makes him very handy with the people who he possesses, such as Jordan

Appearance Edit

Compared to most of the sins, Gluttony has blonde hair, a trait that only him and Greed seem to have. He is the smallest out of all the sins, and it actually quite skinny in terms of all of them. As for when he died, it was due to drugs, instead of eating too much. Gluttony mainly smiles, and is actually quite polite compared to the sins, showing a much more childish attitude in his posture and looks.


Gluttony is represented by an orange aura, making sure that he looks fairly normal compared to the others, his eyes can take a brown tint in certain lights, making sure they look normal for the person he's possessing. When he takes on the form of Jordan however, even the brown shows the difference as his eyes are blue, even when being in the exact same body. Gluttony wears much more modern clothes, and tries to dress up better than he did as a human. The only time when he doesn't is when hes wearing Greed's shirts to make a point.