Goldie Wallace
First Appearance
Episode Unknown
Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Species Wallace's Golden Birdwing (Ornithoptera Croesus)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Alignment The Rejects
Friends Pierre Swallowtail (formerly)
Neal Richmond
Dale Alexandrae
Enemies The Hawkmoths
Pierre Swallowtail
André Roveston

Goldie Wallace is a Wallace's Golden Birdwing (Ornithoptera croesus). She grew up in Uptown alongside Pierre Swallowtail and was seemingly angry when he became a friend of The Hawkmoths. In retaliation, Goldie tried to infiltrate their gang in order to become close to Pierre again, yet was rejected by them. This event led to her membership in The Rejects.

Personality Edit

Born in Uptown, Goldie's upbringing was pretty much a regal one. Like Pierre Swallowtail, growing up, she had everything she really wanted. At some point, she became a close friend of Pierre's, presumably at the same school as him. As a child, Goldie was quite quiet and withdrawn, content to merely study to herself. Children would often pick on her which toughened her up, giving her confidence and a new outlook on the world around her. She definitely no longer viewed it as peaceful and beautiful like others did, and she knew the only way to survive was to be wary, thus emanating her cynical conduct and her possessive nature.

Upon Pierre's friendship with The Hawkmoths, Goldie was eager to soak up as much information about them as she could. She was quick to become more social, her obsession seemingly interfering with her relationships. She seemed concerned with getting Pierre back as he was one of the only people who gave her much attention.

In reality, Goldie is a possessive, manipulative girl. Following her membership in The Rejects, Goldie is sly, cunning and calculating, seemingly using anything she can get her hands on as a weapon, whether through her words, her emotions or through other people. She is a gifted member of the group, but sometimes uses her talent to achieve an end to her own means.

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The central face claim used for this character is Hungarian fashion model and actress Barbara Palvin.

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Pierre Swallowtail Edit

For a more detailed account of their relationship, see Goldie-Pierre relationship.

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