Luna Actias
First Appearance
Episode Breaktime
Biographical Information
Age 18
Relatives Unknown
Alias Unknown
Species Luna Moth (Actias Luna)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'9
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation ((Sorority))
Occupation Student

Luna Actias is a minor character first appearing in Breaktime. She is an 18-year-old student at Nectotech School and a Luna Moth (Actias luna). She is part of the XΩX sorority along with Caitlin, Siridia and Isabelle.

Background Information Edit

Personality Edit

Luna doesn't want to look her best for everything, instead she knows she looks her best for everything. She takes pride in her appearance and social life and tends to be ignorant to others while doing so. Luna is shown to be supercilious with her attitude, often displaying sarcasm, arrogance and disrespect for other students. She believes herself to have style, being portrayed as a stereotypical diva. She is outgoing, loves attention and tends to rely on her glamorous approach to things as means to get through her education. Not many people can stop her talking and bragging due to her nature as a gossip girl and it is in this sense that she relates to Lodi, the two sharing a bond through this aspect of their personalities.

Luna is generally viewed under the stereotype of a dumb blonde, yet this is far from the truth. Luna's comebacks are shown to be not only intelligent but insulting to others which is what she claims to aim for. She is portrayed as the typical high school drama queen, caring more about fashion, money and what's 'in', or at least 'in' for her.

Luna is shown to be a fan girl and loves celebrities and the latest gossip. She gets excited when engaging in conversation about celebrities and she has expressed a dream to get autographs and photos with her idols.

However, under this exterior and around her friends Luna is shows deeper traits of her personality.

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