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Siridia Rhipheus
Physical Description

Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia Rhipheus)




18 (S1)

Biographical Information

5'9 (175.26 cm)

Professional Status

True Neutral

  • Student (S1, S2)
Personal Status



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Siridia Rhipheus is an 18-year-old Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus) and a member of the sorority XΩX. Along with her fellow sorority sisters, she is in the top year at Nectotech School. She is considered the power of the group and is usually responsible for keeping the others in line.

Interests and Personality

Siridia is shown as a very dutiful character who cares about her education and standing as a member of XΩX. Despite this, Siri is seen as abrasive and not very approachable to many students and rarely shows intense emotion, giving a cool and collected impression to others. Her manner of speaking tends to be blunt and insulting to those she is not well acquainted with and is not above provoking or belittling Luna and Isabelle for their gossiping ways. Her belligerent attitude to sports alongside her unyielding demeanour makes her unsettling to a great number of students, particularly her competition.

In terms of students, Siri refuses to take orders from anyone. She is uncompromising to a great number of people and intends to keep it that way. However, after becoming part of a sorority and finding herself under the instructions of Caitlin, she came to respect her new leader greatly, following her decisions willingly without question as she believes in Caitlin's vision for the team.

It is shown for Siri to take lead in certain situations and is shown to be disproving of her fellow sister's pursuits, seeming distinctly unimpressed with proposals they may put forward. She is also somewhat irritated by pointless bragging; Luna's constant discussions usually make her leave. She also has some tinge of sadism in her personality as she seems to be amused when other people are sanctioned in some way and has no qualms about doing whatever she can to quiet her fellow sisters down. It is in this sense that she gets along well with Craeg, the two having a bond over discussions regarding their respective team presidents and in turn their presidents' leadership skills.

Her leadership skills are further emphasised in Season 4 where she independently chooses to align herself with Craeg's operation. She makes it her objective to take Caitlin with her in order to keep tabs on her, these actions showing Siri to have some sort of possessive and controlling element to her personality.

Despite her acerbic disposition, Siridia loves her sorority sisters and friends deeply and aims to protect them whatever the cost. She displays loyalty to her sorority president beyond that of the others. While Luna and Isabelle are loyal to Caitlin in terms of maintaining their team, Siri shows a willingness to protect and defend Caitlin even at her own expense. This shows Siridia as a person who goes to great extents to bring honour to those she cares about regardless of what stands in her way.

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