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For the relationship between Skeeto and the other two, see André-Pierre-Skeeto relationship.

André Roveston Edit

André and Skeeto are seemingly close friends despite their different backgrounds. The relationship between the two is generally on good terms since they are close, if not best friends. They are able to talk about most things together, however their conversations usually turn into that of no meaning. Despite being friends, the two frequently play pranks on each other that normally put them in bad situations with Pierre or otherwise. However, Skeeto is known to help André out in serious circumstances, knowing of his friend’s background and giving his support. This is demonstrated when Skeeto usually takes his side or vice versa when either of the two have an argument with Pierre.

Skeeto has been shown to view André’s disposition and behaviour as a result of a person who didn’t have a good connection with his family, bad influences and just somebody who chose the wrong path. Skeeto knows that the friendship the two have is important, which can lead to Skeeto being somewhat stressed, believing that André’s behaviour rests in his hands. The two sometimes bicker, usually without realising they are doing so. 

For a more in-depth account of the relationship between Skeeto and André, see André-Skeeto relationship. 

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Albi, Phebe and Annie Edit

Skeeto was born after his three sisters, Albi, Annie and Phebe. It has been hinted at in Three Is A Crowd and Plans that they were responsible for Skeeto’s bloodlust, which is proven to be the case in Skeeto’s origins episode. As far as sibling relationships go, they are known to be divas, but Skeeto doesn’t really notice this. His relationship with the three is good overall, and his relationship with other females tend to be successful due to spending his childhood around his sisters and their friends. He respects the three and cares for them even if this is not shown in some circumstances.