Too lazy to do that, why can't you do it?

  • Lazy
  • Mr I don't do anything
Physical Description






Biographical Information

5'10 (177.8 cm)

Professional Status

Neutral Evil

  • Demon
Personal Status

Dead (From obesity)

  • Human spirit reincarnated into a sin


Sloth, real name unknown, is a member of the 7 deadly sins gang. He takes after the trait of sloth/Laziness and has the appropriate powers to make sure he doesn't have to do anything. He is represented by a blue colour.


As an insect, Sloth was a teenager through 1960's America, the time period for the Vietnam War. Being born to a rich family, his family were able to place him into college to certify the fact he would not have to go if called up on the draft, and he never did. Sloth never attended college, and tended to waste his parents money when it came to most things.His mother used to blame his laziness due to ME (Later identified as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), while his father used to just call him lazy. Both parents didn't do anything about it, however, and they both continued to let them get lazy. Their young boy growing up to continue getting other people to do things for him. Until the day he got someone else hung.

Sloth himself fell in love with a girl, very pretty and lovely, who had a boyfriend who Sloth absolutely despised. Sloth got his contacts, and got the man blamed for a murder of a small family. No one would question him, due to his families influence on the towns police force. Sloth himself was seen to be standing there when the man was hung, and for once had a smile on his face. At that point, many of the villagers began to get scared of him, but the girl herself was the one to end it.

Sloth never moved from his house ever again, and it was actually a peaceful night when it ended. Sloth himself was dragged out of his own house, and in his sleep was hung by the girl herself. No one cared about Sloths dead, and it seemed he died peacefully. Strangled in his sleep, soon to be resurrected as a Sin.



Being either too lazy or asleep, Sloth isn't really seen much as a sin. Reasonably tall, he has much more messy black hair, and has a softer facial structure. Being much more secretive with a grey aurora to cover him up quite easily. Making sure he stays secret in things such as fogs or storms. Very favorite with the night sky and even smokers.


Sloth doesn't usually smile, but is quite happy to just look at people. It is described in demon form that his eyes are brown, compared to when he is possessing people, turning grey to warn people of who is possessing the body without any secrecy.